Lover of Make-up

So who else LOVES make-up?

I have to refrain from going in to Ulta otherwise I end up spending WAY too much on make-up I don’t need. Well it was a problem…..until I joined Ipsy.

If you haven’t heard of Ipsy it is a company that sends you five samples of make-up products in a make-up bag once a month! And its only $10 a month!!! AMAZING. Who doesn’t love coming home once a month to a make-up bag with products in it ready to test?!?! I just received my second bag this month and OH MY! It is the best of both worlds. Getting sample sized make-up products to try and them coming every month to my doorstep! See I love make-up but I never seem to go through an entire palette of eyeshadows before getting more or an entire tube of lipstick without loosing it. Its a PROBLEM! I can literally go through old purses and find three tubes of lipstick….

So I have decided I will start reviewing the items that come in my bag each month because why not?!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.31.55 PM

These are the five products I got this month with the bag to the left.

I love a good lipstick. I have never heard of this brand but I love lipstick so I thought I would test it out for a day to the mall. MAN. This color was AWESOME. They were spot on with this color. I LOVED it. It came in the color cappuccino. It can be found HERE.

Now the highlighter, I was not as impressed with. To me it has a mint smell to it which if you know me, you know my feelings about anything mint…… BUT if you like the mint smell….then you might like this highlighter!

The hand cream on the other hand….. I LOVED it! I hate putting on lotion then feeling like my hands are oily or sticky…it literally drives me crazy. Like CRAZY. BUT this lotion has more of a watery feel. Then once you have rubbed it in it doesn’t feel sticky AT ALL. LIKE AT ALL. I feel I found the lotion my soul longs for.. Maybe a bit dramatic but whatever. I got it in Mango Mandarin which I love the smell of mango so it worked for me! It can be found HERE.

This Mascara. I love mascara and I this one was actually not that bad! It does not clump your lashes which I love because that look is a NO-NO like NO. It is a small tester tube which I like because I like switching brands and like to try new things hints why I joined Ipsy. It can be found HERE.

I’m sorry but I’m not even going to review the facial wipes. I am not a fan and they made my skin feel gross. I will just say they were not my favorite.

Well I know this is alot of words and little pictures but I love make-up so its worth it.




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