WOWZA. I haven’t posted in two whole months. Like what? How did two months pass that quickly? I took a break to study for finals and here we are now two weeks into Spring semester..and may I add two weeks into student teaching.. SAY WHAT. How am I old enough to be trusted with 20 little children???

Let first start with outfits I have recreated from pintrest! These will soon be turned into teacher appropriate outfits.. These are just two outfits I wore when it was actually cold outside… This is Texas so its January and in the 70’s..Which is nice but I have way to many winter clothes for us not to have a winter..

So I’m pretty sure every one has seen and had their eyes on this vest from J Crew. When I found this look-a-like one at TJ Maxx I knew I had to buy it..I mean it was a third of the price!!

vest 1


I went a little more subtle and didnt pattern mix:


I wore a white t-shirt with a red scarf to give it a little color. The only thing that looks different is the pockets on the vest. Other than that they look the exact same! SCORE.


Lets just say this was such a ROCKIN outfit. Ten dollars for a leather vest? ROCK ON. Everything else I had in my closet so it was a win win right?! This look is a little more edgy than I usually wear but it was fun and my jeans are gold. What more could a girl want?!

GLUTEN-FREE PEEPS. This book is a MUST HAVE. Like everything I have made from it is AMAZING. I pre-ordered this book in June and it came in December. It was a glorious and I mean GLORIOUS day when it came in the mail.


I have always loved baking and baking gluten-free food that actually taste normal is a plus in my book. She also has an amazing website here.

This holiday break I also cranked out a t-shirt quilt which is a post in its self so hopefully that wont take two months to write…PAHA.

If you want to read about real fashion, head over to my good friend at Little Piece of Chic for AWESOME fashion tips.

And since student teaching is a GOOOO..

instruction (1)





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