Friday Favorites



I just started watching Hart of Dixie this week and WOW. It is awesome. I love how it’s in a small little town. I love how there a little bit of drama. I love all the actors. I just love it. 


These shoes from target are so comfy and cute! Cheetah is a neutral color in my book so they will go with anything!! Yes, they are girls size but I’m wearing a size four and normallywear a size seven in women’s shoes. 

These heels are also from target. Aren’t they precious? Snake skin and nude means they will be perfect for a night out with your significant other or even a night out with the girls. I’m planning a date night just so I can wear them! Keep your eye out for an outfit post with these being featured!!


I got to monogram some burp cloths and loved how they turned out. I know it’s a terrible picture but it’s the only one I took.. It’s so much fun to create unique pieces for others to enjoy! I mean who doesn’t like getting a gift with their name on it?!




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