There are so many hair products out there it’s insane. I always love trying new things but don’t like spending a lot in case I don’t like the product. 

First this dry shampoo. I got it at Walmart just to try and I LOVE it. Dey shampoo is the newest craze with hair and I just had to see what it was all about. I wash my hair almost everyday but it is great for a little freshen up before going to dinner or shopping!

  I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner. It’s smells amazing and gives my hair a little extra volume. And did I mention it smells amazing!
  I love using this after I wash my hair. I put it in when my hair is wet, and my hair is extra soft when it drys. It’s expensive but a tiny bit goes a long way with this hair milk! 

  A lot of bloggers I follow use Moroccan oil in their hair and only say great things about it. I got a sample in my ipsy bag and fell in love. I like to put it in my hair when it’s dry, usually ater I straighten it. It helps my  hair not get tangled when down all day!

What are your favorite hair products?!




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