DIY: Party Decorations

Ever searched through pintrest and seen those super cute labels for the food table or fun banners but didn’t know where to begin with making them? Well you are in luck today!

Fun labels for the food table add a little decoration and don’t need to be fancy! A few weeks ago I was searching for a gift tag to print out and came across the website. On this site you can choose the size of your label and creat almost anything you want! 

 I took a template they already had, changed the picture, and wrote each food item we had! I printed these out and put them on cute yellow cardstock tents! Super easy and fun for the guests too! These would also be great if you have a lot of guests who have food allergies! Put a little astrik with egg free or gluten free to let the guest know! 


On another note, I also made these on the Avery website too! They were so easy and my students and teachers loved them! I found a template already on the website, changed the words and printed them on cardstock! 

There are so many different types of banners it can be overwhelming. My personal favorite ones to make are pendant or square banners. 

  I free handed this banner. I made strips of paper the height I wanted the pendant to be. Then I took a straight edge  to make a triangle. Once I got the triangle size I liked, I used it as a template to make the rest of the pendants! 
Once I had all the peices cut, I used my sewing machine and clear thread and sewed them together. I find this was so much easier compared to creating holes and trying to string the peices together! I leave about 6-8 inches of strong on each side for hanging!




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