Old Navy for the Win

I don’t know about you but Old Navy has been on point with their clothing lately. It’s great for a college girl like me: it’s cute, does make my bank account cry, and each piece can be worn many ways! Lately, every outfit I wear has a piece from old navy!

As seen in the typical bluebonnets pose:

Old Navy Tunic
Rockstar Jeans
Shoes(target): HERE

Or the typical Easter Sunday pose:

Old Navy Dress
Old Navy Earrings: SIMILAR

And perfect for styling hair for prom:

Old Navy Tunic
Floral shorts
Kendra Scott Earrings: HERE


{Cure your MONDAYZZZ} 2 months WHATT?

WOWZA. I haven’t posted in two whole months. Like what? How did two months pass that quickly? I took a break to study for finals and here we are now two weeks into Spring semester..and may I add two weeks into student teaching.. SAY WHAT. How am I old enough to be trusted with 20 little children???

Let first start with outfits I have recreated from pintrest! These will soon be turned into teacher appropriate outfits.. These are just two outfits I wore when it was actually cold outside… This is Texas so its January and in the 70’s..Which is nice but I have way to many winter clothes for us not to have a winter..

So I’m pretty sure every one has seen and had their eyes on this vest from J Crew. When I found this look-a-like one at TJ Maxx I knew I had to buy it..I mean it was a third of the price!!

vest 1


I went a little more subtle and didnt pattern mix:


I wore a white t-shirt with a red scarf to give it a little color. The only thing that looks different is the pockets on the vest. Other than that they look the exact same! SCORE.


Lets just say this was such a ROCKIN outfit. Ten dollars for a leather vest? ROCK ON. Everything else I had in my closet so it was a win win right?! This look is a little more edgy than I usually wear but it was fun and my jeans are gold. What more could a girl want?!

GLUTEN-FREE PEEPS. This book is a MUST HAVE. Like everything I have made from it is AMAZING. I pre-ordered this book in June and it came in December. It was a glorious and I mean GLORIOUS day when it came in the mail.


I have always loved baking and baking gluten-free food that actually taste normal is a plus in my book. She also has an amazing website here.

This holiday break I also cranked out a t-shirt quilt which is a post in its self so hopefully that wont take two months to write…PAHA.

If you want to read about real fashion, head over to my good friend at Little Piece of Chic for AWESOME fashion tips.

And since student teaching is a GOOOO..

instruction (1)




Layers {on} layers

Here in North Texas we had a few days that actually got below Nike short and t-shirt weather! Soooo I took the opportunity and did some layering. I had no idea what I was doing, I really just kept pulling clothes out of my closet!


This is what the final product was and I was in love. I first put on a graphic tee cause I mean who doesn’t love graphic tees. Then I knew I wanted to wear a flannel and the vest was screaming it wanted to be worn. And the scarf just pulled it all together. Like it was warm and comfy which equals PLUS! What do you think?

And a little inspiration:


Happy Tuesday 😘


Faux {FUR}: A Necessity

This fall, I don’t know about you, but I will be wearing my fur vests as much as possible. And since it’s finally getting cool enough to wear fall clothes in Texas, cue the fur vests yall.

I posted that I was going to recreate this ( found her on pintrest but here’s the actual link)
I have an obsession with graphic tee’s this season and Old Navy has some awesome ones!!


I took the idea and ran with it! I used what I had so I wore leggings instead of cute boyfriend jeans!


I added a little cheetah cause who doesn’t love animal print?! The vest is Betsy Johnson. And I also have two other Betsy Johnson vests. I Love them!!! The shirt and necklace I got in Canton, TX at the trade days. if you haven’t been and live in DFW… YOU NEED TO GO! It’s so much fun!
I wore my favorite ankle booties that I got at Old Navy last year that literally go with everything! And I wore my chunky rose old watch from charming charlie that was $4.00!


Also, I told yall that I was painting earrings maroon since I couldn’t find any that I just loved….I think they turned out pretty awesome for not buying anything!


Have a wonderful Friday! And….

(From ipsy)


Cure your{Mondayzzz} : Food and Crafts

My friend over at Little Piece of Chic and I are starting a new thing called Cure your Mondays so Monday might be just a bit better for everyone.

Monday is always rough. ALWAYS. Reality sets back in and let’s just face it~ 4:30~ comes real early no matter what. But waking up to fresh pumpkin bread made with fresh pumpkin purée made this morning that much better. I am come on its pumpkin.

1. Fresh pumpkin Purée

Now I found this on pintrest HERE


First I cut the pumpkinin half and took out the guts and took off the stem


Then I baked it at 350 degrees for 45 minutes


Then I took the skin off and mashed it in a bowl


and let it sit and strain the excess water out. It smells amazing and tastes pretty good too if you like pumpkin! Then I used the Betty Crocker gluten free pumpkin bread recipe and it actually turned out pretty good!!

2. Maroon Earrings

So I have been in search of maroon earrings the last few weeks but haven’t found ones that I just love. So I decided to take apart a pair of blue earring I have and paint them!

Now since I didn’t have maroon paint because it was a spur of the moment craft I wanted to do, I took red and black and made my own color! I popped out the center of the earring, painted it maroon and will super glue it at a later time after I put a clear coat I to make them shiny!


These were a pair of earrings I got off of Jane.com that look similar to Kendra’s.

Hope your Monday is a little bit better with pumpkin. I know mine was. Pumpkin coffee and pumpkin bread=PERFECT.


This is appropriate. Very appropriate.


All Things FALL


Soo apparently its fall… well we wouldn’t know that here in Texas since its still a solid 80/85 degrees outside…

So despite the awful heat here for it being the end of October and not being able to wear cute fall clothes…  {end rant}  we are still doing some fun fall things…

I do not remember the last time I carved a pumpkin so that was number one on my to-do list last weekend..

{Insert Mike Wazowski Pumpkin}


(from pintrest, found HERE)

This is what ours turned out like:


Did we nail it or did we nail it?? You tell me (:

Well besides pumpkin carving and all things pumpkin, I have found SO many outfits I want to recreate on pintrest BUT since its still summer here in Texas, I’ll show you the cute outfits then recreate them later when it decides to become fall…

number one:

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.08.59 PM

( Found HERE)

So I have this popular Herringbone vest but its not the popular J-Crew one, its a knock-off from T.J. Maxx. {Thank you to my bff over at LITTLE PIECE OF CHIC}

** Go follow her, she is THE fashionista. THE FASHIONISTA**

Anyways, I can’t wait to style this vest in many different ways to create many cute fall outfits! And right now at GroopDealz for $30!

Number two:

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.15.58 PM

(Found HERE)

This is the perfect outfit. Old Navy currently has tons of their graphic tee’s on sale, so if you are like me, you’ll stock up. So..now I have options to wear under the three fur vests I have! SCORE. This is the perfect transition from where it still is warm but its not too cold to wear a short sleeve! And those boots, I need some like it but any brown booties would be cute!

Number three:

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.28.52 PM

Leopard is always a staple in the fall. Whether it is on your clothing or on your nails. I did this a few years ago and it was a great fall look! Next time I do this to my nails I do only one nail per hand leopard and the rest black or the base brown color. This will give it a more subtle look.

One last thing:

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.33.17 PM

(Found HERE)

I really want to make a wreath this fall. I will let y’all know if that happens. HA.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.37.21 PM

(Found HERE)

This was me.

Oh and pumpkin spice everything is a must have in the fall. Ive been using pumpkin spice creamer since the very day it came out this fall. Happy pumpkin everything season and cute clothes y’all.



Camo- a neutral this Fall

So if your like me, you have more camo than you no what to do with. Like seriously, I have camo pants, leggings, and shorts. Camo flats, t-shirt, and button up. Also a camo army jacket. Literally any piece of clothing you can think of, I have it in camo.

Camo has proven to be a staple in any closet this year. There are pages and pages of pintrest outfits that include some type of camo. With that being said, I have recreated two pintrest outfits I loved:

Number One:

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.19.43 AM

(Found HERE)

When I saw this I knew if I changed out my camo button up for the green jacket, I would have the perfect outfit! Now, I wore my black converse to make it more of a casual look rather than a day on the square look but it was still adorable.

IMG_6627I bought these black skinny jeans at the Forever 21 outlet in San Marcos and seriously I wear them atleast once a week. They were $7.50!!!! and yes, they are AMAZING. (The ones linked are similar just not $7.50 (; )

My camo button up is from Ross and my necklace I got off of Jane.

** If you have never heard of Jane then you need to go visit their site right now. Like right now. It is awesome and has some great deals!!! I love this Kendra knock off since no college girl has $90.00 to spend on a necklace. And you know, personally I think it look real similar to the real thing!

Number Two:

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.20.24 AM

(Found HERE)

Now, I really just used this photo as a basis for my outfit. I found this as a pin on pintrest and it was labeled ” How to wear white jeans in the fall”. Since its still a stinkin 85-90 degrees here in Dallas, I decided to pair a simple black t-shirt with my camo army jacket. Now, honestly I barely wore the jacket since it was so hot but come on, it looked great together!


This is my first pair of Joe’s Jeans. OH MY. They are simply amazing. I would go buy 5 pairs of Joe’s Jeans right now if I could. They are soo soft and comfortable its crazy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

This is really a simple outfit. I just paired a plain black t-shirt with my camo Army Jacket. Now you can’t really see the sleeves but the sleeves are a fake leather. Like they are awesome. REALLY. I found this jacket at Ross last Fall and have loved it ever since!

Since I really wanted to keep it simple I just paired my blingy cross necklace with it. I mean come on.. gold goes perfect with camo!

I wear something camo probably every week and will continue to do so. I think my camo leggings would look great with a grey t-shirt for a simple yet fashionable look for school (or maybe just lazy look (; )

xoxo, Ally